Investigación empírica sobre la eficacia de los MOOC en estudiantes de Diseño

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Zhu, T. (2016). Empirical Research on the Effectiveness of MOOCs in Developing Design Students on Sino-foreign Cooperation University Programs. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning. Vol 11, (6).

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Nowadays, the implementation of Sino-foreign cooperative education program has become an essential way to internationalize Chinese higher education.The large number of MOOC online resources currently available, and their innovative teaching modes has provided a new and novel channel to promote such programs. In order to systematically illustrate and reveal the effectiveness of utilizing MOOC in these projects, which sponsored by Undergraduate cooperative education project of visual communication design between Anhui Polytechnic University and University of Bridgeport, researchers carried out a one-year targeted and systematic tracking, investigation, comparative analysis, consultation, summary and the real-time assessment. Experimental data and detailed research results show that the MOOC intervention mechanism achieved a positive effect in promoting and supplementing students’ knowledge and understanding of their major. It not only strengthened students’ skills and literacy, it was also found to significantly promote traditional classroom teaching at Anhui Polytechnic University. The project proved successful with design students by combining in class and online teaching. It is recommended that such projects be further promoted and applied in the future.


Design Students; Effectiveness of MOOCs; Empirical Research; Sino-foreign Cooperation University Program

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