Teaching Flipped

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didacticasTeaching Flipped gives university faculty an introduction to the ins and outs of teaching with a flipped, hybrid, or online MOOC-type classroom. We will cover the basics of flipped/hybrid/MOOC classes, what is known and not known in the literature, and where these learning methods are heading, how to develop the online (video) content as well as the in class active learning activities, ways to think about and organize your course, and how to assess both the students and your teaching. This class is taught Flipped / MOOC-style by veteran flippers and MOOC-ers to give you experience with the tools and learning methods that can help your students succeed in this type of learning environment. Plan to watch/read about an hour of material each week and then try out and share what you have found. By the end of the course you should have a good idea of how to flip your own course, and have the tools to do this well.
Destinatarios: Docentes
Plataforma: Canvas Network
Universidad: University of Utah
Idioma: inglés
Fechas de realización: 17/10/2016 al 28/11/2016
Tarifa: gratuito

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