What and How to Teach with Video

didacticasTo date, there has never been any other course that meticulously covers these two fields:
  1. Teaching/Learning Roles for which video is potentially outstanding
  2. Pedagogic Design Principles to achieve this potential.

Field 1 (in week 1): Potent pedagogic roles for video, leading to robust learning outcomes: a range of techniques and teaching functions for which video is outstandingly capable, due to its distinctive presentational attributes. The 33 roles are distributed between four domains: Cognitive, Experiential, Affective, Skills.

Field 2 (in week 2): A narrative framework of pedagogic design principles for video, consisting of 30 individual design principles in 8 categories:
Hook, Signpost, Cognitive Engagement, Constructive Learning, Sensitise, Elucidate, Reinforce, Consolidate. The teacher will illustrate each 'potent pedagogic role' and each 'design principle' with extracts from educational videos that have been used in online courses. Quizzes, followed by peer and tutor discussion will be facilitated at several points.

Finally, in weeks 3 and 4, students will consolidate their learning: each small group of students will design an 8-minute educational video, guided by peers and tutors. The design will be in the form of a video screenplay describing shots, actuality sound, narration.

Destinatarios: Docentes y público general
Plataforma: EMMA
Coordinador: Jack Koumi
Idioma: inglés
Fechas de realización: 13/01/2017
Tarifa: gratuito

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